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A Message to the Hotel Industry

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I’ve seen MANY thoughtless & half-a**ed brand statements regarding George Floyd and the on-going devastating injustices Black Americans face every day. Unfortunately, too many independent Hotel brands fall under that umbrella. Posting a graphic and donating isn’t enough.

NOTE: this message is targeting an industry which, like many others, is run by middle aged white men. I've heard words like "community" (over)used countless times when referring to creative programming in hotels. You have a trendy aesthetic and a hip bar. How's that working out for you right now?

The industry is built largely off the back of minorities. These are the people who actually MAKE your hotel; they provide the face-to-face guest experience but are often overlooked by executive leadership. While that's a different, yet extremely important, issue we need to address, this mentality spirals into how these establishments are run. They are by and for white travelers.

Did you ever consider that you actually make Black guests & locals feel uncomfortable in your space? No? Not surprised.

Check on your team, even those furloughed. And by ‘team’ I mean BEYOND your executive team. I’m talking about those essential workers who make your hotels the special places they are.

Reevaluate WHO your programming is for and how welcoming / inclusive it is.

Look at your in-room amenities, products, art, and f&b, too.

Think beyond “local”. It’s easy to support local businesses but it’s more influential to take the time and care to seek out minority owned businesses.

You have the power to be a hub and home of progress. Just saying Black Lives Matter isn’t enough. Embrace your influence.

Oh, and when you do all of this.....don’t release a self-congratulatory press release about it.

Thanks for reading my rant. Now, I want to help!

I am looking for Black owned businesses / manufacturers / designers / suppliers / service providers who are looking to get their products into hotels. Also any Black professionals in the Hotel space, reach out!

If you're looking for some guidance on any of the above OR if you just want to have a constructive conversation about any of these points - hit my line. Let's talk about meaningful activations, partnerships and re-thinking how you use existing space to make it welcoming to everyone.

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