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creator | connector | strategist


I have worked with brands both big and small across a spectrum of industries including start-ups, independent hospitality companies, real estate agencies and non-profits.

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Tatiana Swedek is a multi-passionate content strategist, digital marketer, story-teller, and ideasmith based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has 9 years of experience in content strategy, design, omnichannel digital marketing, social media, and cultural event programming for hospitality and lifestyle brands. Tatiana’s heart lies in bringing people together and facilitating an optimal and intentional way of living through creative and strategic thinking. She has a passion for impact driven companies who aim to create opportunity for their community.


Prior to launching her business, she spent 4 years spearheading Brand Experience and event programming for the Independent Lodging Congress where she formed meaningful relationships with leaders in the hospitality and hotel space.

With a passion for words, the arts, hospitality, and digital marketing, she has been published on a variety of platforms such as Phawker and the Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal.



AHEAD OF THE CURVE features Good people in various industries who share stories of reflection, business, and personal growth.

Relatable conversations with founders, creators, executives from hospitality, design, real estate and more. There's realness and some controversy. There's also humility, new ideas, and encouragement.


Strategy and Digital Marketing must remain true to your brand ethos. Let's get the point across - without using a thesaurus.


Ready to amp up your overall brand experience? Whether you're looking for a B2B or B2C Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy or just need hands-on Copy and Design work to better express your brand promise, I've got you covered. 


  • Content / Brand Strategy

  • Social Media Content Creation & Graphic Design

  • Copy-writing

  • Cultural Event Programming

  • Website Design & Management

  • E-mail Marketing





"I have always found Tatiana to be resourceful, creative, and definitely someone who has her finger on the pulse of what is new and next and noteworthy. She was integral in discovering great experts and locales for our conferences, and her picture should be next to the word "multi-tasker" in the dictionary. Tatiana seamlessly balanced the big picture planning her position required with laser-like focus to the smallest detail, and always with a smile and an optimistic viewpoint no matter the issue at hand."

Allyn Magrino, President & CRO, Magrino

"Tatiana is a doer who is eager to create strategic partnerships that align with a brand’s core mission and ethos. She is not afraid to speak up when needed and works seamlessly with strategic partners, internal team members and leadership. This also includes working directly with and managing our hired graphic and web designers on two full company re-brands and aiding in a quick pivot to digital when it was needed. She brought a fresh perspective to ILC and helped us grow annual company revenue by 50% in a single year. I was often impressed with her out of the box ideas and drive to get things done."

Stephen Chan, Vice Chairman, Independent Lodging Congress

"She kept the project moving, contributed lots of helpful ideas, and was a lot of fun to work with (never a bad thing).


I was most impressed after I handed off the site and she took over the day-to-day maintenance. Some clients are able to follow instructions and do a good job of uploading new content, others are fearless enough to experiment and extend their knowledge beyond the initial training, but only a handful really make a website their own, taking it to a place far beyond what it was on launch day. Tatiana is certainly one of the third group, easily one of my top 2-3 clients of all time (after 20+ years in the field) in that she has a great balance of originality, drive, and fearlessness. This lets her continually learn and run with ideas instead of just following the playbook she's given." 

William Tuman, Website Consultant


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