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Bringing Value to the Table by Serving Others with Corey Hackett-Greene

On episode 9 of AHEAD OF THE CURVE, I talk with Corey Hackett-Greene. A Philadelphia native, Corey is a self-proclaimed content connoisseur and agent of change. A community organizer who is also a sight for sore eyes. He has worked with brands like Crest, Citizen M Hotels, and Express. But Corey's true passion lies in his purpose to serve others.

On this episode, we talk about a lot:

  • Influencing with intention and refining your core values

  • Working with brands you're in alignment with as a Black creator

  • The importance of being true to your complex, dynamic self

  • Taking a non-traditional approach to real estate development

  • Gentrification, miseducation & lack of education in U.S. cities

  • Combatting record high homicide rates in Philadelphia by creating positive & educational environments

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