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Muscles of Empathy & People Centered Design with Marquise Stillwell

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Photo by Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr. Courtesy of Deem Journal

On this episode I speak with Marquise Stillwell who is an entrepreneur focused on culture and design and is the founder of the urban design firm Openbox. I’ve known Marqusie for a few years and always have truly thought provoking and honest conversations with him. Marquise is a genuine soul and brings unique methods of problem solving to the table when it comes to design.

On episode 8 of AHEAD OF THE CURVE, Marquise and I talk about people centered design, his magazine Deem Journal, viewing empathy as a muscle, amplifying the stories of individuals in a given community, the importance of always being YOU, and putting purpose to your privilege.

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Image courtesy of Deem Journal

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